Brazilian Blowout

At Coolnoggins in Encinitas, Don Paul offers three types of hair straightening techniques, Brazilian by Global Keratin, Yuko and Bio-Ionic at his Mission Valley, San Diego salon. His experience with Brazilian, Yuko and Bio Ionic hair straightening processes allow him to choose the best hair straightening technique based on his customers’ hair. See how San Diego women are getting the long, straight hair that they want. Call Don Paul to set up a consultation to get your hair straightened.

Mouse over the “Before” image to the left to see “After” pictures of these women’s hair after Bio Ionic hair straightening.





What Our Clients Say

Don is knowledgable about all the straight perm techniques be it Japanese Yuko, Brazilian or Bio Ionic. I have total confidence in sending my friends to him and in him selecting the most appropriate straightening technique for their type of hair.

– Mary Ann, been trusting Don Paul to do her straight perms for the past 5 years

WOW, my hair is amazing after Don did my straight perm!

– Betty, on how soft and manageable her hair became after her first straight perm

Don took the time to explain things well. His haircuts LAST and don’t need a re-cut as often.

– Jennifer, wears her hair in a medium length layered cut

First time I’ve had a haircut that the stylist did not pick up a pair of clippers first. Don gave me a complete haircut with a pair of scissors and it’s great!

– Bill, a discerning client