Experience Speaks

Interview with Coolnoggins

Interviewer: “I read over your credentials and training on the Bio page of your website. Why do you take so many classes and attend hair and beauty conferences? Isn’t that more than the average hairdresser does?”

Don: “I would get bored without learning new techniques and technologies. I get a kick out of learning new ways to make people say “wow!”"

Interviewer: “How do you evaluate a new customer?”

Don: “I look at facial shapes. I find out about the customer’s lifestyle. I assess which type of woman you are from minimalist (quick, easy hair) to being willing to spend more time than usual on their hair.”

Interviewer: “So if I were to sit in your chair as a new customer, what should I expect?”
Don:“I will interview you and ask you how you like your color and cut and when were you most happy about your hair. Then I would draw upon my experience with the latest technologies to achieve a healthy and youthful cut and color if color is desired. I take into consideration the pH level of products and the weight of your hair when choosing processes and cutting techniques.”

Interviewer: “What about after I get home and have to produce my look by myself?”
Don:  “I can help you assess the products you use and help you to combine them in ways you may not have considered before.”

Interviewer:  ”What are the benefits of straightening my hair with the Yuko or Bio-Ionic Japanese straight perms?”

Don: “The Yuko and Bio-Ionic Japanese straight perms allow you to wear your hair longer. My expertise in controlling the product will minimize damage that might occur to your hair in the hands of a less experienced technician or stylist. As with coloring products, I take into consideration the pH level of products, weight of your hair, pre-exisiting color and natural color. I will factor in the quantity of hair and the thickness of the individual hairs. Numerous clients have found that straighter hair allows them to grow their hair longer and skip haircuts so in the end, it saves money. Also, follow-up treatments are minimal for most, which also maintains hair health.”

Interviewer: “Speaking of hair health, how do go the extra mile to assure healthy hair after coloring or straightening?”

Don:  “I pay attention to your hair’s structure and it’s elasticity before any product is applied by doing a series of tests on your hair. Once I ascertain these values, I choose amongst the array of products offered. New products are introduced by manufacturers all the time at major hair shows across the county. I am getting ready to attend one of the largest in Las Vegas . Both Yuko and Bio Ionic will be introducing their products as well as several of the high quality color manufacturers. I will return from this show armed with the latest cutting, coloring and straightening technique and products. To offer comprehensive ongoing quality hair cuts, color and straightening one needs to understand that one product or one technique does not fit all people. And that is where my investment in continuous education about products and techniques pays for itself in happy customers with healthy hair.”

What Our Clients Say

Don is knowledgable about all the straight perm techniques be it Japanese Yuko, Brazilian or Bio Ionic. I have total confidence in sending my friends to him and in him selecting the most appropriate straightening technique for their type of hair.

– Mary Ann, been trusting Don Paul to do her straight perms for the past 5 years

WOW, my hair is amazing after Don did my straight perm!

– Betty, on how soft and manageable her hair became after her first straight perm

Don took the time to explain things well. His haircuts LAST and don’t need a re-cut as often.

– Jennifer, wears her hair in a medium length layered cut

First time I’ve had a haircut that the stylist did not pick up a pair of clippers first. Don gave me a complete haircut with a pair of scissors and it’s great!

– Bill, a discerning client