Precision Hair Cut

A hair cut is probably the most important part of your appearance. With a bad hair cut no matter what you wear, you will never feel good, (except maybe with a big hat). Every time you look in the mirror, all you will see will be your terrible hair cut.

Everybody knows what a bad hair cut is, but the same cannot be said about a good one. It’s difficult to know what a good hair cut is until you’ve had one. With a good hair cut your hair will be take less time to style. It will look good no matter how much effort you put into it. The true test of a good hair cut is, it will still look good as it grows out. Have you ever had a hair cut that looks bad after a few weeks, and when you go back for a trim, the hairdresser thinks you have not had a hair cut for months? That’s a bad hair cut.

Another definition of a good hair cut is whether or not it suits you. There is absolutely no point in creating a perfect style if it does not flatter the client. Hair cuts should enhance your appearance, not detract from or hide it.

Don Paul cuts with precision having studied, practiced and taught these techniques. Each cut benefits from his 30 years of experience in precision hair cutting.

What Our Clients Say

Don is knowledgable about all the straight perm techniques be it Japanese Yuko, Brazilian or Bio Ionic. I have total confidence in sending my friends to him and in him selecting the most appropriate straightening technique for their type of hair.

– Mary Ann, been trusting Don Paul to do her straight perms for the past 5 years

WOW, my hair is amazing after Don did my straight perm!

– Betty, on how soft and manageable her hair became after her first straight perm

Don took the time to explain things well. His haircuts LAST and don’t need a re-cut as often.

– Jennifer, wears her hair in a medium length layered cut

First time I’ve had a haircut that the stylist did not pick up a pair of clippers first. Don gave me a complete haircut with a pair of scissors and it’s great!

– Bill, a discerning client