Don Paul is an exceptional hair stylist and colorist. I have gone to him for many years and always been delighted with the quality of work he does. He is very experienced – used to own a successful chain of salons in DC/East Coast…and he worked in them. He knows hair – and how to cut, style hair to flatter you. I live in San Francisco now but still fly down there to have him cut my hair. I would not put much credence in the women who went to him on a Living Social deal.

~M. L.

Don is a good hair stylist. He’s from wash dc and he’s got great political stories to share. He’s fixed some bad haircuts from other barbers and stylists I’ve gone to. I get a lot of compliments now on my look. I think he has incredible experience and I am surprised about the poor reviews for him here. Sounds like he had some overly emotional women who just enjoy complaining.

~J. M.

Think he and his staff are friendly. His goal is to work well with you personally.

~D. P.

I called to the salon a and spoke with Don Paul recently about getting my hair and make up done for an outdoor photo shoot. I was already spending tons of money on the pictures themselves so I really didn’t have a lot left over to pay for hair and make up. Don Paul was really patient and helpful over the phone also straight to the point but I think that’s his personality. Ultimately I decided to do my hair and make up myself but I would schedule my next makeover session with him for sure.

~M. A.

My star rating is based solely on his ability to cut hair. He knows what he’s doing and does a phenomenal job. His chairside manner can be improved, but if he can cut hair like he does, it doesn’t matter. I get complimented on my hair literally every day. It’s a short, pixie length cut, and he did a great job. Even though his prices are really high, I will continue to see Don Paul.

~L. G.

I went to Don Paul this past weekend to get the Brazilian Blowout. My hair came out so well! It was super straight and shiny and was just as I expected it would be. I LOVE my hair! He was so knowledgeable about the products and how I should take care of my hair. Don Paul gave me advice on how to stop the breakage problems I’d been having and suggested different products to use to make my Blowout last longer and get my money’s worth. I’m so glad a friend told me about him!

~J. A.

What Our Clients Say

Don is knowledgable about all the straight perm techniques be it Japanese Yuko, Brazilian or Bio Ionic. I have total confidence in sending my friends to him and in him selecting the most appropriate straightening technique for their type of hair.

– Mary Ann, been trusting Don Paul to do her straight perms for the past 5 years

WOW, my hair is amazing after Don did my straight perm!

– Betty, on how soft and manageable her hair became after her first straight perm

Don took the time to explain things well. His haircuts LAST and don’t need a re-cut as often.

– Jennifer, wears her hair in a medium length layered cut

First time I’ve had a haircut that the stylist did not pick up a pair of clippers first. Don gave me a complete haircut with a pair of scissors and it’s great!

– Bill, a discerning client